First official branches created in Tamale, Ghana

Opened to missionaries in February 2013, Tamale has a population of approximately half a million and is the most northern city in Ghana that has had full-time missionaries assigned. Multiple member groups were organized within the first couple months following the arrival of full-time missionaries in 2013. By early 2014, missionary reports indicated that as many as four member groups appeared to be operating. Few convert baptisms have occurred in the city as approximately 80% of the population is Muslim and missionaries were initially discouraged from teaching Muslims.

via LDS Church Growth

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    ASAP LDS Serious investigator. He is Christian. 20 yrs old. Tamale, ghana. Requests missionaries. IS a student. I have name, address and phone number. Can someone contact me about him. ASAP. My phone number is 559 288 5298
    Thank you


    Have no contact info other than 2 week snail mail. This young man is so ready to embrace the Gospel. Yesterday he walked 4 hours looking for missionaries in Tamale.


    Thanks Kim. I’ll call our local mission office on Monday. It’s a shame it’s so hard to connect.

  4. Justice Tetteh says:

    Hi, I am the 1st Councilor in Tamale Ghana District Presidency. I have noted the contact you have provided. I will give him a call. you can as well reach me on 00233 244951498.
    Thank you

    • eugene amenuvor says:

      where is the church located in tamale… I work in Bunkpurugu and always feel to be part of the congregation wen ever am passing home through tamale. . thanks

      • Justice Tetteh says:

        The Church is located around King David Junction at Kanvilli. Another Branch is located at Sagnarigu Junction opposite Tamale Secondary School. Pls call me if you have difficulties. My telephone number is 0244951498.
        Thank you

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