Update on missionaries going to Gabon

So the senior couple gets there in less than two weeks. Basically the government wouldn’t give us complete official recognition to send in missionaries until they saw physical proof of the church like: a building. So a church employee was sent there a couple weeks ago to look for a building to rent out (the members of the small branch have been meeting in a member’s house). He found a perfect house that could be used as a church building with no renovations necessary, it is good to go.

Go to Elder Ryan Lavering’s Missionary Website to read all the details.

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  1. “with Gabon, everything is ready to go, but we can’t go in there until the church has a physical presence there. It should all work out in due time. President has told us that he will send in two Americans and two Africans when Gabon is open. It is pretty exciting. “

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